Primer Capital has invested in the development of a Multiple Myeloma drug candidate by GemoPharm LLC

Multiple myeloma (myeloma, generalized plasmacytoma and Rustitzky-Kahler’s disease) is an incurable B-cell tumor related to paraproteinemic leukemia. Multiple myeloma (MM) is characterized by osteolytic bone lesions, hypercalcemia, renal insufficiency, anemia, recurrent infections and neuropathy. The effectiveness of the use of current standards of therapy is strongly limited by their toxicity, as the drugs are most often used in combination, and most MM patients do not tolerate side effects. Thus, there is a great medical need for the development of new low-toxic targeted drugs that increase the survival of patients with multiple myeloma, since resistance develops to the drug used. The investor believes that GPH-458 will be highly effective in the therapy of Multiple Myeloma and other incurable human B-cell malignancies. The lead candidate (GPH-458) has already shown high efficacy in preclinical models of human Multpile Myeloma.